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Dear co-entrepreneurs,   It’s really complicated enough as it is. Nowadays, nothing is simple and problem-free anymore. Our business and our work are increasingly hampered by all kinds of bureaucratic and regulatory hurdles. So we don’t have to complicate things ourselves, make a huge fuss about nothing, or get excited about things that are really don’t get us anywhere. Concentration on the essentials, on our business, on our customers and on our brand – and thus on our livelihood and survival – that is what I expect from us in general, not just during the corona crisis. Please do not...

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Engine flush can be one of those products that can be very dividing in the automotive business. Everyone has an opinion of whether they should or should not use one. What exactly does engine flush do? Engine flush is a highly effective detergent and dispersant designed to dissolve sludge and lacquer that builds up in your engine between oil changes. This reduces engine wear and therefore in the long term, can reduce expensive repair costs. As they say, prevention is always better than a cure. Liqui Moly recommends that you do an engine flush with every service. Engine Flush can...

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