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Additives are vitamins for your car. It won't work without them. They ensure cleaning and corrosion protection, for stable lubrication and temperature resistance. Even simple mineral motor oils, which no longer come close to meeting the requirements of today's motors, are up to 15% additives. Modern oils, such as fully synthetic motor oils, are even up to 30%. What you may not already know is every time you fuel your car, you add additives. For modern fuels are packed with additives, in order to increase the knock resistance of petrol, for example, or to make diesel less sensitive to below...

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What are additives? Definition: Additives (derived from the Latin word “additivum” = to add) aids or  admixtures that are added to products in minimal quantities to achieve or improve certain properties. 1. Soiled engine Every combustion process leaves behind tiny particles inside an engine. These are deposits that build up in the combustion chambers, on injection nozzles, valves or nozzle needles. The result: Impairments of the engine performance, increased fuel consumption, more soot emissions and more pollutant emissions. LIQUI MOLY additives eliminate existing deposits and prevent new deposits from forming. The combustion process is optimized. 2. Leaky radiator In the...

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