Liqui Moly Spray Bundle, Universal / Multipurpose 3305/2518/3310/3110/3318 (SUPER BUNDLE DEAL)

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Multi-Spray Plus 7


Multi-Spray Plus 7 is a combination of different agents with excellent corrosion protection, rust removing and water-displacing properties as well as an outstanding lubricating effect.

Liqui Moly’s Multi-Spray Plus 7 has been awarded as Best Lubricant spray,

The German bi-weekly “Motorrad” is Europe’s largest motorbike magazine with a circulation of more than 100,000 copies. Recently they tested numerous lubricating sprays in nine categories. The winner is our Multi-Spray Plus 7.

The multi-function spray for all automotive, household, hobby and garden applications with 7 performance benefits:
1. Suppresses moisture and starts wet motors.
2. Protects the entire electrical system. Eliminates creep currents and short circuits.
3. Loosens stubborn, rusted-in screws.
4. Keeps movable parts permanently free.
5. Protects against corrosion and oxidation.
6. Maintains rubber parts; no freezing-on.
7. Prevents squeaking noises. Neutral to plastics, paints, metals and wood.


- silicone-free
- does not attack plastics, paints, metals and wood
- friction and wear reducing
- good corrosion protection
- dissolves rust
- optimum penetration properties
- universal application
- releases dirt
- eliminates squeaks
- good water resistance


Technical data

Base: combination of additives, oils and solvents
Color / appearance: yellowish, clear
Propellant: CO2
Form: liquid
Density at 20 °C: 0,85 g/cm³
Spreading rate (cover): 150 - 200 m²/l, sheet steel, bright


Areas of application

The outstanding and many-faceted properties of Multi-Spray Plus 7 lead to a wide range of applications in the factory or workshop and in the area of hobbies and motor vehicles.



Spray onto surface with the aerosol, air spray can or spray gun or apply by immersion, brush or wiping.



Tacky Lube Spray


Tacky Lube-Spray is a synthetic high-quality, heatresistant, extremely adherent and acceleration-resistant lubricant compound. After the solvent has evaporated, the product leaves an extremely adherent, soft film of grease.


Technical data

Base: synthetic oil,mixed polymers

Color / appearance: pale yellow

Propellant: Propane,Butane

Protects against corrosion: 5 cycles of condensation water in alternating climate, No corrosion

Operating temperature range: -30°C bis / to +180°C - intermittent to +200°C


Areas of application

For the preventative regular lubrication of components in vehicles such as hinges, joints, linkages, reversing levers and door catch bands.



Spray an appropriate amount of Tacky Lube Spray onto the cleaned parts to be treated.


Note: Follow the relevant instructions of the vehicle manufacturer.



Silicone Spray


Silicone Spray is a mineral-oil free, grease-free release agent, lubricant and protective coating based on silicones dissolved in chlorine-free solvents. Silicone Spray protects, lubricates and insulates all surfaces by means of a transparent, permanent protective film.


Technical data

Base: silicone oil, special petrol

Color / appearance: colourless

Propellant: propane, butane

Form: aerosol, liquid

Density at 20 °C: 0,58 g/cm³

Odor: characteristic


Areas of application

Release agent, lubricant and treatment and protective aid for plastics, rubber, metal and wood.



Spray a thin and even coating onto the components to be treated and repeat the treatment if necessary. Do not work in the vicinity of painted areas. It must be ensured that Silicone Spray is not sprayed on food or on machine components which come into direct contact with food.



Electronic Spray


Electronic Spray is a fully synthetic contact spray which is compatible with plastics and formulated for use on vehicle electronic and electrical systems. Electronic Spray contains no silicones or mineral, animal or vegetable based oils.


Technical data

Base: synthetic oil
Color / appearance: blue
Density at 20 °C:0,85 g/cm³ DIN 51 757
Pour point:- 53 °C DIN ISO 3016
Flash point:201 °C DIN ISO 2592
Viscosity index: 145
Evaporation loss (Noack):2,1 Gew.-% DIN ISO 2909
Water content:40 ppm Ω · cm DIN 51 581
Neutralization number:0,03 mg KOH/g DIN 51 777 T 1
Copper corrosion:0-1 DIN 51 809
Specific electrical volume resistance at 20 °C:1,6 · 10 ⁹ Ω · cm
Form: liquid
Viscosity at 40 °C:>7 mm²/s

Areas of application

Used for the care and maintenance (cleaning and protection) of all electrical components on the motor vehicle such as plug and terminal connections, lamp sockets, cable distribution boxes, switch elements, relays, ignition distributors, contact breakers, starters, dynamos/alternators, fuses, battery terminals and antennae and for the lubrication of fine mechanical components.



Spray components with Electronic Spray before installing them. If the contacts are heavily corroded, allow the product to act for longer and rub off corrosion residues with a cloth or brush.

Note:After spraying on, allow a flash-off period of 10 min. before connecting the component to a power supply

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Rapid Cleaner

Universal cleaner for rapid cleaning and degreasing of small components in the automotive and industrial sector. For brakes, clutches, transmissions, and for fitting and repair work. Removes oil and grease spots from floor coverings, materials and linings.



Makes assembly work easier, cleaner and safer. Removes oil, grease and dirt quickly and completely.Parts treated will be completely free of residues and fully degreased. Saves time and money and guarantees trouble-free repair work. Removes resin, oil and grease residues. Excellent penetration, controlled evaporation, free of residues.


Areas of application

Automotive applications:Offers numerous possibilities thanks to its versatility.

Brakes: Drum and disc brakes, linings, shoes, cylinders, springs and pads.

Clutch: Clutch linings, pressure plates and clutch components in general.

Transmission: Automatic gearshifts, planet carriers, oil pump, brake bands, clutches, gearwheels.

Assembly and repair: Carburetor, gasoline pump, engine parts, electrical systems such as controllers, alternators and starters. Removes oil and grease spots from floor coverings, materials and linings.

Industrial applications: For removing stubborn contaminants such as oil, grease, silicone residue, permanent markets, abraded rubber and wax. Ideal on sensitive surfaces and materials such as stainless steel, copper and aluminum alloys. Note: Product may attack paints and plastic components. Check for compatibility before using.



Spray contaminated components and allow to drain. After the solvent has evaporated, the components will be clean and free from grease.


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