Liqui Moly Motorbike Mix Spray Series 1508/1602/7820/3310/3318 (SUPER BUNDLE DEAL)

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Motorbike Chain Lube


Fully synthetic chain grease. Extremely adhesive and water resistant. Excellent creeping and lubrication behavior. Especially suitable for high-speed chains. Reduces chain elongation and provides long chain service life. Biodegradability (Test CEC L-33T-82 in 21 days > 80 %).  Optimal effectiveness only with unmixed use. We recommend cleaning the chain with Motorbike Chain Cleaner (part no. 1602) before use. 


Technical data

Base: Synthetic oil, additives 

Biodegradable: 80 % 

Operating temperature range: -30 bis +180 -30 to +180 °C 

Water soluble: insoluble

Form: liquid, aerosol 


Areas of application

Initial and maintenance lubrication of power train chains. Especially suitable in dusty, dirty and corrosive atmospheres. For highly-stressed and high-speed chains with and without O-rings.



Carefully clean chain with solvent such as Motorbike Chain Cleaner (part no. 1602). Apply by spraying. The lubricant attains its final consistency and adherence once the solvent has rapidly evaporated.



Motorbike Chain and Brake Cleaner


Specially developed cleaner with selected solvent combinations for fast, easy cleaning and degreasing structural parts in the two-wheel sector.


Technical data

Color / appearance: colourless

Flash point: < 21 °C

Density: 0,707 g/ml DIN 51757

Base: solvent-mixture, acetone-free 

Form: liquid, aerosol

Propellant: CO2 


Areas of application

For cleaning chains with and without O/X-rings on two-wheeled vehicles and quads. 



Place a box or rag under the parts to be cleaned. Spray dirty chains with Motorbike Chain Cleaner and let it run off. After the solvents have evaporated, the chain will be clean and free of grease and ready to be coated with Motorbike Chain Lube or Chain Spray White. Do not spray onto plastics. Do not lay rubber components in a container with Cleaning Fluid to clean them as they may be attacked. Note Check parts which have been painted for compatibility by testing on a hidden area.



Motorbike Speed Shooter


State-of-the-art, ash-free combination of agents with acceleration-enhancing, cleaning, dispersing and material-protecting properties. The product has been formulated using state-of-the-art additive and fuel technologies in accordance with the requirements of today's engines, fuels and running conditions. Ensures increased driving enjoyment due to optimized performance. The engine starts easier and also runs smoother.



- good corrosion protection

- residue-free combustion

- guarantees optimum combustion

- improves the acceleration

- removes deposits from entire fuel system

- highly economical

- prevents carburetor icing

- higher performance gain


Areas of application

For 2-stroke and 4-stroke gasoline engines (aspirated and injection).



Add to the fuel tank. For the optimum effect, add every time you refuel. Fully compatible with all gasoline grades. 80 ml is sufficient for up to 10 liters of fuel.


For more information please refer to the link below.



Silicone Spray


Silicone Spray is a mineral-oil free, grease-free release agent, lubricant and protective coating based on silicones dissolved in chlorine-free solvents. Silicone Spray protects, lubricates and insulates all surfaces by means of a transparent, permanent protective film.


Technical data

Base: silicone oil, special petrol

Color / appearance: colourless

Propellant: propane, butane

Form: aerosol, liquid

Density at 20 °C: 0,58 g/cm³

Odor: characteristic


Areas of application

Release agent, lubricant and treatment and protective aid for plastics, rubber, metal and wood.



Spray a thin and even coating onto the components to be treated and repeat the treatment if necessary. Do not work in the vicinity of painted areas. It must be ensured that Silicone Spray is not sprayed on food or on machine components which come into direct contact with food.



Rapid Cleaner

Universal cleaner for rapid cleaning and degreasing of small components in the automotive and industrial sector. For brakes, clutches, transmissions, and for fitting and repair work. Removes oil and grease spots from floor coverings, materials and linings.



Makes assembly work easier, cleaner and safer. Removes oil, grease and dirt quickly and completely. Parts treated will be completely free of residues and fully degreased. Saves time and money and guarantees trouble-free repair work. Removes resin, oil and grease residues. Excellent penetration, controlled evaporation, free of residues.


Areas of application

Automotive applications: Offers numerous possibilities thanks to its versatility.

Brakes: Drum and disc brakes, linings, shoes, cylinders, springs and pads.

Clutch: Clutch linings, pressure plates and clutch components in general.

Transmission: Automatic gearshifts, planet carriers, oil pump, brake bands, clutches, gearwheels.

Assembly and repair: Carburetor, gasoline pump, engine parts, electrical systems such as controllers, alternators and starters. Removes oil and grease spots from floor coverings, materials and linings.

Industrial applications: For removing stubborn contaminants such as oil, grease, silicone residue, permanent markets, abraded rubber and wax. Ideal on sensitive surfaces and materials such as stainless steel, copper and aluminum alloys. Note: Product may attack paints and plastic components. Check for compatibility before using. 



Spray contaminated components and allow to drain. After the solvent has evaporated, the components will be clean and free from grease.


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