Liqui Moly Complete Car Care #5,1597/1552/1554/1517/1647/1548/1539 (SUPER BUNDLE DEAL)

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Special Rim Cleaner

 - does not contain acids

- very powerful wetting effect

- biologically degradable



Plastic Care 'Like New' Black

- simple to use protects against aggressive environmental influences -

- enhances the appearance of faded plastics

- extremely high UV resistance


Leather Care

- keeps leather supple

- protects leather components from cracking

- excellent long-term protection



Windshield Super-Concentrated Cleaner 50ML


- removes exhaust deposits and preservative residues

- streak-free vision

- suitable for polycarbonate



 Gloss Spray Wax 400ml

- super-easy to polish

- high gloss mirror finish

- protects against aggressive environmental influences -



Insect Sponge

For glass, paint and plastic.


Upholstery Foam Cleaner 300ml

- gently cleans upholstery, carpets, covers and textiles 

- simple to use

- freshens up colors