Liqui Moly Chrome Gloss Cream 1529 (250ml)

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Bright Chrome Polishing Cream has been specially formulated to thoroughly and gently remove rust, flash rust and blank spots from chromium parts and decorative metals. Bright Chrome Polishing Cream preserves all chromium and decorative metal parts with a protective film and restores their original brilliance.



- excellent corrosion protection

- forms an adherent protective film

- produces a very good sheen


Areas of application

Specially developed for cleaning and care of chromium and decorative metal parts on motor vehicles, motorbikes and bicycles.



Shake Bright Chrome Polishing Cream vigorously before use then apply to the part to be cleaned or polished using a cloth or pad and rub in lightly. Allow Bright Chrome Polishing Cream to dry slightly and polish off using a cloth or pad. Regular application will give the optimum results for chrome.